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“To create a welcoming, enriching, positive and safe environment where the physical, social and emotional development of Members is promoted through Gaelic Games and in line with the ethos of the Club and the Association”

Naomh Barróg GAA Club was founded in 1974 for the well-being and welfare of young people in our Community. We use Gaelic Games, Football/Hurling/Camogie and Cultural Activities to challenge them to grow with confidence and self-esteem, where sport creates a communal spirit that brings people together in a cohesive manner in search of common goals. 

 All our Club Members who represent the Club, in whatever capacity they are involved, are to be treated with respect, dignity, equality and acknowledged with gratitude for their achievements and their efforts as volunteers and to be available to support and to encourage one another when needed or when necessary. 

 All our Members play and engage in our games as amateurs. Sportsmanship and enjoyment while representing the Club will be promoted. “Win with humility, lose with dignity.”