don Ghaeilge

Barróg don Ghaeilge* Irish Language classes for Parents/Grandparents

Need help with children’s Irish homework or just want to increase your cúpla focail?

Naomh Barróg in conjunction with KLEAR will be running Irish Language classes for adults who have little or no Irish. It is expected that classes will commence after Easter on Mondays at 9.30am until 11am at KLEAR. We are inviting those interested in attending these classes to contact the Naomh Barróg Irish language Officer (John Carroll) at 0831003931 or

The class size is limited to 12.

These classes are free of charge but we will insist that any student who secures a place attends the classes or the place will be reallocated.


*“Barróg don Ghaeilge” is the name of the Naomh Barróg programme for the promotion of the Irish language. These classes are part of the Naomh Barróg 50th anniversary celebrations in 2024.

Further information at www.naomhbarrog/50th