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What happens on the night

  • Proceeds raised will be going towards our Makeover project.
  • Our intention will be that as our online Bingo presence grows on a weekly basis, the prize money will increase with additional chances to win,
  • We would appreciate if you like and share on our Social channel to get more people to play.
  • Our prizes on the night will depend on the numbers playing so get your family, friends, neighbours involved.
Getting set up:
  • We hope to have a great crowd on the night so I would ask you to limit the number of devices used to log into zoom in any 1 household please.
  • IDEALLY just 1 Device. Stream it to your TV if you can
  • Our zoom link will open at 7.30pm on the evening to allow you to check in and check your sound.
  • You will need to remain on mute for the games to allow everyone to hear the numbers.
  • You can come off mute to call Check.
  • ZOOM LINK will be provided with your purchased bingo books email
  • We plan to email the bingo books in 2 batches. Early buyers on the day before bingo night, late purchasers will get them by 6pm on the day of:
  • Reminder: any books purchased after 12pm on the day of the bingo will qualify for the next Bingo event (21st April)
  • ON the night, players will be able to access the Bingo Zoom link from 7.30pm that evening in order to check connection and sound.
  • If using a laptop or PC, players should click on “join with Computer audio”. If using an iPhone, players should click on “Call over internet.” You should now be live on Barrogs Bingo Bonanza
  • Bingo will commence at 8pm SHARP
  • We will be using a professional Bingo software to generate bingo numbers and display them on the screen via the zoom link. The Bingo number just called, all previous numbers called per game will all be available to see on your screen.
  • There are 6 games to play on the night and each game will be colour coded and have the game number. The jackpot game will be Game 6
  • After Game 3 we will have a 15 minute interval before starting Game 4 – 6
  • Players should mark the numbers as they are called out and they will show on the Zoom link if you have misheard it.
  • There will be cash prizes for 1 line, 2 lines and a Full house for each of the 6 games played on the night. If there are 2 “checks” at the same time for any of above, the prize value will be divided equally between the winners.
  • Once you have marked all the numbers in 1 line, you can then UNMUTE your mic and call check. We will confirm the valid check and get your name. The game will then proceed to play for 2 lines marked in any one Panel. Once the 2 line game has been won, the game proceeds to play for a Full house – all numbers called and marked in any one of the 6 panels for a check/House.
  • There is no need to worry if you fail to “Check” as the hosts system will know if there is a check and will know the panel number is applies to.
  • Players who UNMUTE must Mute again to continue the game.
  • It is strongly advised that once you have used the Bingo book you should delete it from your PC/Phone to avoid opening it incorrectly for another game in the future

Players who win a prize on the night must complete the following information and email it to barrogsbingo@gmail.com before 2pm the next day in order to process the winnings claim to be paid to the nominated bank account.

Name of Winner: _____________________________________________
Date of Game: _____________________________________________
Amount: _____________________________________________
Game Number _________ 1 line     2 lines      Full house
Panel number ________
IBAN ___________________________________BIC_________________
Name of Account Holder : ______________________________________

Once the transaction has taken place and confirmed, the above details will be deleted immediately & securely.




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