Interested in Cinema?

What about a Naomh Barróg Cinema Club?
As part of our 50th Anniversary 🎉 Naomh Barróg is considering establishing a Cinema club. The primary objective of the club would be to provide a social outlet and amenity to club members and friends. We would like to gauge if there is interest in such a club. 🤔
It is envisaged that it might work as follows:
🍿 Once a month in the bar (on a non-opening night?) or in the Juvenile room
🎟️ Modest entrance fee (€5- €7.50) to cover licence fees from film production companies.
👥 Film selections to cater for (a) older members, (b) kids and parents and (c) Irish language films
We are looking for a volunteer to investigate if there is an interest in such a club and a volunteer to operate the club if there is sufficient interest.
Is this you? 🫵
Then please contact /0831003931


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