“Meas” A 50th Anniversary Project

“Barróg don Ghaeilge” has mounted signs on the railings behind the goal at the Murdock’s end in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the club.

There are 4 signs in Irish with an English translation in smaller lettering and they represent the founding values of the club.

“Meas agus Meon” (respect and attitude)

“Meas and Moladh” (respect and praise)

“Meas agus Misneach” (respect and courage)

“Meas agus Muintir” (respect and community)

Meas/respect is repeated in all the signs to emphasise that it is essential to the function of the club. The signs are presented in Irish so as to prompt an enquiry into their meaning.

*“Barróg don Ghaeilge” is the name of the Naomh Barróg programme for the promotion of the Irish language.


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