U13 Boys

The 2007 group started 15 a-side full pitch games in 2020 with a new squad manager, Tony Canning. The other 4 coaches Tommy, Darach, Simon, and Joe have been with the group since the beginning.

The 2007 group is a classic Naomh Barróg squad with players from the back of Clare Hall all the way up to the Hill of Howth, and attending every school in between. Many are sons of former Naomh Barróg players, many are sons of current mentors, many are brothers of older and younger active Barróg players.

The group adjusted really well to the demands this huge change to 15 a-side always places on players. With a squad of 23 the group finished their season top of their grading league in football and look forward to playing higher level football in 2021. Unfortunately at this age group the pandemic took its toll on all but 1 competitive hurling game.

Squad manager:
Tony Canning

Tommy Brennan
Darach O’Donnchú
Simon Wilson
Joe Curley